San Francisco's Iconic Fog at Golden Gate Bridge

I, finally, saw the fog I was waiting for so long to shoot. I couldn't believe my eyes! But there it was, that famous iconic fog rolling in from the Pacific and floating through Golden Gate Bridge into the bay, floating San Francisco and me up on the clouds. The fog was beautiful, magnificent, slightly touched with the golden kisses of sunrise. It was surreal. Stunning. Dreamy. Everything I wished for.

Winter in Yosemite

I will never be really able to put words to my first experience in Yosemite. But I do know Yosemite, to me, will always be a sunrise over a cosmos, the thunder of water crashing on the massive stones of the Sierra, a morning fog dancing over landscapes full of snow, a moonlight walk to the starry falls. I'm honestly not sure if I ever want to know Yosemite differently, but at the same time I can't wait to go back for more of that feeling being so small and so free.

Sunrise on Top of Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is ideal to see the 360 degree version of San Francisco. The view is so beautiful. Downtown, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Port, the whole Peninsula is wide open in front of your eyes. I have no idea why it took me 9 years to get there. I think Twin Peaks should be the number 1 destination to visit when you arrive in San Francisco for the first time, well, unless you are afraid to leave your heart in San Francisco or to be carried away by the freezing wind.

Quiet and Serene Little Gasparilla Island

On our first morning I found myself on a front porch and I immediately knew this was the place I needed to be. The view was gorgeous and beyond what I had hopefully imagined. With a cup of tea in my hands, I was enjoying our first morning surrounded only by the natural sounds of a gentle breeze rustling in the palm-trees, of exotic birds, of the ocean's breath, of the splash of jumping silverfishes in a little pond which separated our cottage from a long desolate beach. I wanted to think art at that moment and, honestly, during the whole stay.

Grand Canyon On A Cloudy Day

We had only one day at Grand Canyon, but it was enough to fell in love with the endless beauty of the world's edge. It was cloudy and rainy, but the true beauty of the canyon still shined. It felt good to be out there with my love of my life, holding hands, in silence, even though there were so many of other people around with cameras and loud voices. But I was blind and deaf to the real world. I was out there, seeing the beauty and listening to the wind.