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Of Ukrainian descent, from Latvia, now based in San Francisco, California.

From an early age Nadya dreamed to be involved with the arts. The beauty of California and other places she visited (especially Chile's Patagonia)  inspired her to focus more seriously on photography as a way of communicating her personal interaction with these spaces. 

Nadya considers herself a “global soul” with a heart free from society's stereotypes. She aims to communicate the love, peace and light of our endless universe. Nadya’s work is meant to inspire people everywhere to connect with our environment and to contemplate the universe - why it’s here, why we’re here and how we can keep it unspoiled and beautiful. Each photograph is an attempt to remind us about the importance of connection with our inner selves, as well as the world around us not through technology, but through our five senses.

Communication through photography is Nadya's expression of the wild side of silence and light she finds through her lens to inspire people to be more out there enjoying the magic.


I love running away, escaping to the places where I really belong. Quiet places. I am a quiet person… to me it only seems logical, to me it’s like breathing truth. That's what I love to photograph the most. Quiet places where I feel the most my true self, and if I remove the color from the photos it is to show you the feeling of the place, so that its beauty, its silence, removes all the unnecessary noise blocking a true connection to the heart, to the universe, to the meaning of our life’s creations in this world.



B&W Minimalism Magazine

Fisheye Magazine

Rucksack Magazine


Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, feedback or ideas. I am open to new projects and collaborations.